Key Reasons

  • AIDA is a free platform for receiving referrals from acute hospitals
  • Joining AIDA is easy because we already know a lot about your business
  • AIDA helps you tell your market who you are and what you can do
  • All care providers are treated equally—no one can pay to be seen more
  • AIDA is constantly releasing new features that will help save you time

AIDA has been an official partner of the Adult Family Home Council (AFHC) of Washington for several years. AIDA believes in the work that the AFHC is doing for AFH owners. AIDA and the AFHC are working together to reduce the financial impact of sourcing referrals and to enable providers to be a home for people who thought they would be stuck in a hospital for the rest of their lives. AIDA was founded by AFH owners, and we are committed to making it easier for Adult Family Homes to thrive in Washington State and beyond!

Key Benefits

  • AFHC members have access to services that will enable more community-sourced referrals
  • AIDA is constantly improving search tools for the AFHC catalog
  • AFHC members can advocate for changes to AIDA's workflow more effectively
  • The AFHC, together with AIDA, provides the best online platform available in Washington State

Key Benefits

  • Get exclusive access to high-impact market data about your competitors
  • Understand where you stand in your market and what you need to do to succeed
  • Optimize your referral management workflows coming in and going out of your business
  • Set policies and controls with clear accountability and alerts
  • Enable your key referral sources to know how their patients are doing while they're with you and even after they've discharged

AIDA Pro represents a step into the future of value-based care. As a care provider, you will have access to the same powerful tools that we offer to acute hospitals and even some that they don't have. Take control of your episode of care management process with real-time analytics and customizable and automated workflow controls. Understand what it will take to get in and stay in the best Narrow Network Providers.